Guild Objective

Defenders of Eternal Freedom is a casual Neverwinter guild. Our primary goal is to not focus on gear score and focus on the people sitting behind the gear. We’re looking for good quality people who can be a part of a team that is designed for the greater good while learning their way along. Defenders of Eternal Freedom is forged by family value, striving to provide balance and benefit to all our members. We emphasize on freedom-of-choice while still holding our members accountable to the Neverwinter® code of fair play, honesty, and loyalty. We’re a group of mature gamers of all ages who realize we all have busy lives outside the game, and that Neverwinter is not what makes the world go round for everyone. We highly value skill over gear score, we loath guild drama and are well-organized. We expect our members to come prepared, help each other out, and strive to perfect our teamwork. Above all, we just want to have fun seeing everything Neverwinter has to offer. We, also, would like you to know the following facts:

  • Most of us are working professionals, multicultural and we do have a few family teams in the guild.
  • We DO NOT tolerate racial slurs or bigotry of any kind.
  • We are mostly online throughout the weekends and most of the officers are online in game or on the website throughout the day.
  • Upon joining our guild you will be provided access to our website so you can contribute new material or peruse the plethora of information already gathered in our private forums.
  • We want you to be a non-quitter and someone who does not like to give up.
  • We welcome new ideas from every member to improve cohesion and synergy among ourselves.

If this sounds like fun to you, then please submit an application on our website or contact one of our officers in-game. Thanks! ==============================
If you have any questions/comments:
Contact Us:
Plannb23 – GM
TitanBigGee – Guild Founder
BIG HAMM3R – Guild Founder
SlvrMagnum05 – Guild Founder
SlipSolo69 – Guild Founder

Guild Leadership

Defenders of Eternal Freedom leadership structure will be composed of an uneven number of Officers. This to ensure when a vote comes necessary that majority rule can be attained. Should an emergency matter arise which requires an Officer vote, one can be made with a minimum of 2 to 3 officers online without the need of waiting for all present. Officer numbers will be increased as the guild membership total is increased to insure there are ample officers present at any time of day to address issues or problems.  Issues and agendas that affect the guild as a whole will be outlined for members before a final decision is made to allow the guild leadership the ability to hear out any questions or concerns.


New membership is open to all players. Membership will consist of a initiation phase as outlined below:

  • Corpse rank will be awarded to members who have violated the community standards.  This rank removes the ability to converse in Guild Chat, as well as the Guild Vault.
  • Proby rank is the initial rank that every new member will hold after being invited to the guild. This rank is used for a fair amount of time to monitor their performance and behavior. There is no set time period for this to take place due to schedules and play time of the players.
  • Initiate rank will be awarded to Proby ranked members as their first real rank inside of Defenders of Eternal Freedom.  This is a full rank of the guild and the member is no longer probationary.  There is no set time period for this to take place due to schedules and play time of the players.
  • Affiliate rank will be awarded to Initiate guild members demonstrating outstanding support and dedication to the guild and its members over time. There is no set period of time in which this rank can be awarded.
  • Division rank will be awarded to Affiliateguild members demonstrating outstanding support and dedication to the guild and its members over time. There is no set period of time in which this rank can be awarded.
  • Sentinel rank will be awarded to Division guild members demonstrating outstanding support and dedication to the guild and its members over time. There is no set period of time in which this rank can be awarded.
  • Veteran rank will be awarded to Sentinelguild members demonstrating outstanding support and dedication to the guild and its members over time. There is no set period of time in which this rank can be awarded.
  • Advisors rank will be awarded to guild members who have proven their supreme knowledge of a specific class.  These members will be the go to person for questions about anything to do with the class they’re advising.  These classes will be hand picked by the guild council, and more than one member may be an advisor for a specific class if there are enough guild members.

New members can be invited by any officer after filling out an application. This is for the protection of the guild members more then a restriction. It will insure the new member phase is properly carried out and that each new member is welcomed to the guild and instructed on the policy properly. Additionally, this will allow each member to sign up for raids via the events calendar on the website.  This will create a system of first come first served with regards to raid slots. At no time will any applicants be exempt from this membership initiation procedure. Members who leave the guild either forcefully or voluntarily will not be welcome back later automatically. Each departed member will need to re-apply should they want to request membership again provided the original departure was not a kick or ban from the guild. Should a member leave on good terms, for instance to help a friends guild for a short time, a re-invite will be considered on a case-by-case basis based on a guild vote. Any member found being disruptive or causing problems in the guild can be removed at any time. Members may be afforded one warning to correct their behavior before they are removed.

Guild Chat Behavior

Guild chat can get hectic sometimes and we encourage our members to use the chat room to interact and get to know one another better. There are some minor guidelines to consider when communicating in guild chat. Profanity should be avoided as much as possible. We all like to express ourselves, but its better to do it within reason. Using profanity in every sentence is just uncalled for and not necessary. While an occasional one does no harm, please remember that you share the chat room with many other members and some may take offense to harsh language. While some may make the case of using the in-game filter, it shouldn’t be necessary for others to do so in guild chat simply because you feel like cursing. Mature subject matter is discouraged in guild chat as it may offend someone or there may be young members present. It is also considered inappropriate chat subject matter. Chat spam isn’t funny and can become quite annoying. At any given time there could be 2 or 3 different conversations taking place in guild chat. Spamming nonsense or the same text over and over again not only becomes annoying but serves to make it difficult for other guild members to carry on a conversation. If at any time you feel the need to argue with someone, don’t do it in guild chat. If you and another guild member are having a debate or disagreement, please keep it in tells or party chat. While disagreements will happen in guild chat, please keep it civil. If you can’t come to a resolution quickly, don’t continue to debate at the expense of the rest of the guild. Its best to be courteous to your fellow guild members in chat. If someone has a problem with the topic at hand and asks people to stop as its offensive to them you should honor that request. Guild chat is not a place to hold a political, racial, religious or other “touchy” topics for debate or discussion. With that in mind you should be careful of your comments as well. While it’s impossible to know what is and is not offensive to everyone, all we ask is you think about what you type before you type it. Outright offensive behavior such as racial slurs, etc are not tolerated in any way.

Raids and Guild Instance Runs

Defenders of Eternal Freedom will attempt to schedule at least 1 raid per week for the benefit of the higher level members to continue to enjoy the game. In no way is this a mandatory attendance requirement. Members are free to participate in raids as much or as little as they wish. Raid signups will be done via the offline system integrated with the events calendar. Raid attendance will be determined by many factors. To avoid problems on what are known as “Progression Raids”1, gear level will play a large role in approved signups. This is to insure that the raid taking part on this progression encounter is meeting all the necessary standards to overcome and learn the fight. Most raid signups will be given a first-come, first-served priority to signups, however to avoid the issue where some people are not able to sign up for events on the website as soon as they are made available, participation will sometimes be rotated so everyone in the guild who wants to attend the events can have an opportunity regardless of the signup time. This will likely happen when there is an overflow of signups for a raid. Persons passed over on one run will be afforded the opportunity to partake on the same instance run or another instance run on a different day. Raid participation may also be adjusted based on class or spec requirements for the raid. For example, Healing and Tanking are a necessary part of all raids so DPS classes may be asked to sit out in order to insure that the proper amount of tanking or healing can be achieved for the runs success. Those DPS asked to sit out will be rotated out on continuation runs or following week runs to make sure they have an opportunity to participate in that instance as mentioned in the paragraph above. 5-person instance runs will be scheduled regularly to provide members more to do in enjoying the game. These runs will not impact raids in any way and will serve as an alternative to members that do not wish to attend a raid or who are not afforded a slot.

1 Progression Raids: Any raid scheduled that plans to participate in an instance or on a boss kill that has not already been deemed a routine kill. Routine Kills are generally bosses which have been defeated by guild raids more than 3 times consecutively and the event has been effectively learned by the majority of guild raiders.

No Tolerances

Defenders of Eternal Freedom will not tolerate the following type of behavior from members and anyone found to be guilty of these behaviors will be removed from the guild.

  • Farming – Not farming for supplies or mats, but on the scale of spending all day in one area of the game, not interacting with the guild or participating in guild events.
  • Ninja Looting – Any persons continuously found needing items they do not need in order to win the item for sale will be removed. Persons who can also classify as Ninja looters are those who roll need on all items that can be equipped by them regardless if it is a necessary upgrade or not. Those people who do not fit the profile of a typical ninja will be spoken to once about their behavior and removed should it continue.
  • PvP Farming – Any persons who enter a Battleground and are found to not actively participate in those battlegrounds will be removed from the guild. This is poor playmanship and does not reflect positively on the guild, hence will not be tolerated.

Guild Bank Use

The guild bank will be used to store items for all guild members to be able to request for use. Items can be either given to members for character improvement and upgrades, or can be purchased by the guild members for unnecessary items such as for rarely played alts, profit crafting, eye candy enchants, etc. Money collected from those purchases will be used to buy items that the guild may need in the future. Guild officers will have access to the guild bank accounts. Items can be deposited into the guild bank tab for inclusion in the guild bank. Once items have been processed for storage, they can be viewed and requested via the online bank request system available to Members and above guild rank. The guild bank is NOT to be used for storing personal items but may be used to transfer personal items to others temporarily. Any items sent to these accounts will be made available to all members. The guild bank tabs are set with specific permission based on the content they hold. Some tabs are restricted specifically to certain uses such as raid materials and the depositing and withdrawals are limited to specific members only and limited per day.

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