Hear ye, hear ye! Lord Neverember sends a message to all our brave adventurers. Valindra has terrorized Neverwinter and its civilians long enough. We’ve located her whereabouts: a sinister castle in the Dread Ring. We’re calling for any hero who would rid us of her deathly presence once and for all by invading Valindra’s Tower and vanquishing her.

Take caution though, as her endless army of the undead follow her every command and are willing to undie for an eternity. They will undoubtedly attempt to halt your advance, but fear them not, for the undead are no match for a group of courageous adventurers.

We ask for proof of your vanquishing of Valindra! Please submit a video either on Twitter or our official forum thread below. Here are the rules:

  • Xbox players only.
  • One entry per adventurer per week. You do not need to submit every week to be considered, but feel free to submit an updated video.
  • Each week ends on Sunday at 11:59PM PDT.
  • You must be actively participating in the Valindra fight.
  • No profanity!
  • The video must show Valindra being defeated in Valindra’s Tower and returning to her phylactery.
  • The video must be at least five minutes long.
  • Creativity will be rewarded.
  • Only submissions on our forums or Twitter will be counted.
  • You must use #VanquishValindra in your submission (especially if you choose to submit on Twitter.)
  • This bounty will last for two weeks.


Winners will receive a Mystic Phoera AND a Harper Bard! They will also choose two friends to receive a Mystic Phoera. These two friends must be different people.

Who dares enter Valindra’s Tower? We wish you the best of luck!

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